How to get better at League of Legends

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You think you suck at League of Legends? We know that feel.

League of Legends is such a fun game. Some of us have been playing since 2013! A lot has changed since then, but the basics are still the same.

This article contains a little insight and some tips from our team members.

So why do I suck?

Well, the problem is different with every person. For some of us the problem is that we just don’t have the patience or will to sit and practice over and over again to get the basics of the game right, like farming or roaming. Some people just like to straight up fight and have fun. We like sitting in my lane 1 vs 1 till late game.

You might recognize some of my problems and see that you have them too, or maybe your problems are entirely different.

Online games are hard

This statement is 100% true since online games let you play against real people and not AI or bots. League of Legends is no different – you face off against 5 human enemies and try to win, but with no luck. Or perhaps luck is not a part of the equation?

Our Editor Writes:
In my first 2 years in the game I was focusing on one champion only – Darius. My idea was to select a certain character and focus on it so much that I would eventually master it – and the game. At the time I didn’t know about the game’s dynamics or what meta is, or how does a team composition affect the game. I just kept picking Darius for every game – and I got really good with him too, but that didn’t affect my winnings (or my losses to be accurate).

Understanding what the game is about will help you get better

What is League of Legends really about? Is it about getting kills and being fed? Is it about getting Baron? Nope.
Here are the main key points of the game, if you can focus these you will start seeing improvement soon enough.

1. Gold

This game is about getting gold, and fast. Gold allows you to get items and items gets you stronger. Your main objective in every game should be to get as much gold as possible, as fast as possible. Farming is obviously the best way. If you can’t last hit minions – you’re gonna have a bad time.
In order to get better I would suggest going into the practice tool or play against bots, and focus all of your efforts on farming the minions. Try to establish some targets and accomplish them like getting 70 CS by the 10 minutes mark.

You should prioritize farming over getting kills, especially in early game. If you can farm better than your opponent you will be stronger than him. If you can deny him from farming then your advantage will be even greater, as he will have no gold to buy items as fast as you.

Do it over and over until you get it. If you get farming right, you’ll have much easier games.

2. Objectives.

You don’t win by killing enemy champions. You win by destroying turrets, inhibitors and the nexus. The enemy team can get fed and lead in kills by a lot, but at the end of the day if your team focuses on objectives you will win. They’ll chase you around the map to kill you, but you’ll focus on towers until you are at their base. Focus on objectives, the kills will follow.

3. Teamwork.

I am going to emphasize this: League of Legends IS A TEAM GAME. I know it’s great to get fed and single handedly carry a game, but how often does that happen? Work with your team, help your team, be nice, don’t flame, communicate and give advice when needed (in a nice way, don’t condescend).
The other 4 players that are with you will determine if you win or lose, so be nice to them and try to work together. Visit other lanes and help out whenever you can.

Being stuck in your own lane pass the 10 minutes mark might lose you the game. It is not the jungler’s responsibility to help win lanes. It is all of the team’s responsibility. Roam to other lanes whenever you can. Early ganks greatly help your team get an advantage.

4. Visibility

Wards! Use wards! buy wards! buy more wards! If you don’t have 1 pink ward on the map – you’re doing something wrong. Every time you visit the shop buy a ward.

This is an extremely important part of the game. If you don’t know where your enemies are, they have an edge on you. Never walk into a bush where you have no vision. Always carry wards with you!

No, it is not the support’s job to ward the map. Everyone on the team must buy and use wards! If you haven’t already, I suggest you watch some of the pro’s games like the world championship, and see how many wards are used per minute. Sometimes they ward the same place 3-4 times just to make it harder for the enemy to remove all the wards. That is how important vision is in this game.

5. Map Awareness

Map awareness is how well and how often do you read the minimap on the bottom right side. The map can tell you a lot about where you should be and what is about to happen in the game. You need to make sure that you can see where all the enemies are (hence warding is important) and that your teammates are not in danger of ambush or gank. Practice looking at the minimap every few seconds and get as much info from it as possible with quick glances.

6. Attitude

Perhaps the most important part of this game – Attitude.
The first thing that I have to say about this is: NEVER GIVE UP. If you give up in your mind, you will lose the game for sure. You will also affect your teammates and your in-game actions without even noticing.

I can’t even begin to describe how many times my team made an impossible comeback and won because we just had a good attitude. A good attitude will make you a better player and will help your teammates be better too. Always tell your teammates when they’ve done a good job or made a great move. It really helps with morale and overall feel of the team’s dynamics.

Even if someone is feeding or extremely bad, instead of getting angry try and help out with advice or actually going to his lane and gank. That is the only thing that makes bad players better Support and advice. Getting frustrated and being toxic will get you banned, even if the player was really bad.

Keep up with a good attitude and you will: A) Get better. B) Have great teammates. C) Meet awesome people who will befriend and play with you.  D) Win more games. DON’T FLAME AND DON’T GET TOXIC! Control your emotions.

6. FUN

If you’re not having fun – you’re doing something wrong. This is a game, and it’s main purpose is to be fun. Sure, winning is fun, but if you suffer through your losses then maybe you should try some other game modes. I enjoy ARAMs the most, perhaps you do too? or maybe even Twisted Treeline? Try them out.

If you’re still not enjoying even when losing, perhaps this game is just not for you. If you are not having fun due to toxic teammates then make sure to report them. Never stoop to their level, and don’t let them determine your mood.

In Conclusion

The best advice I can give you is to watch other people play your favorite champion on YouTube or Twitch and learn from them. There are truly amazing players out there that you can learn a lot from. Just watch and try to execute what you’ve learned while in-game.

The practice tool is also most highly recommended to test things, tactics, damage output with specific runes / items and so on. Use it often and become familiar with your champion’s abilities and damage output. It will help you make better decisions while playing, depending on your remaining HP and current damage.

You are not alone!

There are plenty of people out there who asked themselves many times why can’t they get better. This is an ordinary thing and it is ok to feel that way. Just remember that this is an online game against real people, and in order to beat real people you have to practice a lot to be better than them.
If you’re up for it and are willing to invest the time and effort, you will get better.

If not – then at least try to just have fun. Don’t play ranked, as it will only aggravate you and your team. Fun is the keyword to all of this! If you’re having fun, you already won.

LoL is love, LoL is life

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Also don’t forget to add your tips and opinions in the comments and help others do better!

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