League of Legends full list of runes builds all champions

Confused about the new season runes? Here’s League of Legends full list of runes builds all champions! No bullshit, straight to the point, find your champion on the list and enjoy!


Aatrox gains health from attack speed due to his w healing, therefore lethal tempo would be most beneficial in general matchups. I believe his dps is also overall increased by attack speed more so then press on the attack again due to his w’s base damage. Overheal is a given, Legend alacrity is better than the lifesteal, again due to attack speed increasing healing AND dps. Will note tenacity can be taken against cc heavy teams. Last stand is probably the best of the 3 since turning on opponents at low health is very common for aatrox, and the more damage you do the more health you gain through lifesteal, therefore these low hp comebacks are possible. Of course coup de grace is good here too. Resolve is a pretty good secondary tree here, you gain more healing on w which is also increased at a set hp threshold and Unflinching for the slow resistance and tenacity which I believe aatrox could definitely use. However, if not unflinching you could take a different tree in general.

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So, arcane comet at first seemed pretty weak but its up so often that the damage adds up pretty quickly. Not to mention with works well with Ahri’s E for landing it and Ahri’s W/R for lowering the cd. Manaflow Band seems like a good pick for a lot of these mana using champions and in this case. Ultimate hat is very good value here. Celerity is an interesting choice here and I believe it to be the most beneficial. Celerity is good unless you have an easy lane, then its ok to take absolute focus. Domination seemed like the best tree for what this page is trying to do, enhance your damage with charmed units and other units cc’d by your team. Relentless hunter is again good for roaming and celerity (it’s out of combat but it will apply to your first spell).

Note you can switch the trees around and take electrocute with eyeball collector. This makes the damage more guaranteed, but less utility is added. Second tree could be precision for more kill pressure.


Akali fits the assassin role with the addition of healing. These runes effectively increase that healing while increasing her overall dps. Inspiration is thrown because it’s better value than other trues due to the utility that is provided. Electrocute is easily useable in both lane and teamfights. A simple q aa e will proc it though it used to be proc’d easily by q aa. Either way its seemingly the best for here with predator being a decent option for roaming or getting to dragon fights without tp as a top laner. Sudden impact is a no brainer, it gives magic pen from using both w and ulti (w is a blink). Eyeball collection is most fitting for any assassin though that’s left up to you. Ravenous Hunter fits into the healing aspect that akali will gain through gunblade as well. The bonus ms is tempting, but I don’t believe it’s as valuable as this. Inspiration is good because of hextech flash which YES can be used IN STEALTH without being unstealthed. This allows for an easier escape or outplay (w over the wall and flash back after they jump it, OR your w can’t reach in time so you do it early and then hextech flash out.) Magical footwear is nice since akali doesnt need boots until ten minutes like most champions and gets a really good gold gain as well as more ms than other players that buy boots.


So Alistar has a really good rune page set up for him as a support, there’s not much else to argue here. Aftershock is great for ali, he w q’s someone and gets a bunch of extra armor and mr which is nice for initiation as well as followup damage. Guardian might seem good but due to alistar’s initiation based gameplay its not really for him. Font of Life is a given as a support, though you COULD take Demolish for tower pushing depending on what your carry wants. Unflinching isn’t necessary since ali really doesn’t need tenacity with his ult and all button mashed playstyle (q w e used at the same time so no kiting is necessary). Iron skin is a good option here, before you argue conditioning is FAR BETTER let me say that iron skin procs whenever alistar’s passive goes off or when he uses a potion. He has a very high base armor (one of the 5 highest in the game now) so abusing this early is better then waiting ten minutes and you do lose much by not waiting (2 armor and the mr bonus). The mr one could be taken if vsing ap heavy characters, but it won’t be nearly as good. Overgrowth is nice since ali will be building mainly health related items. Revitalize isn’t as good since his heal is mediocre at best compared to someone like soraka and second wind isn’t that good since you are just standing there taking damage, you wait to go in then fight. Biscuit delivery aids alistar’s smaller mana issues early game as well as aiding iron skin. Its also gold efficient. Perfect timing isn’t bad since he could be gargoyles but its debatable in comparison. Celestial Body is very good as alistar will have more health to go with his armor and make him very tanky early game when it’s most important for his ad carry.


So let’s put aside Grenade Amumu for a moment, Tank Amumu’s setup would look something like this. Aftershock is the best option obvious, Unflinching is great on junglers since smite is used for fights (unless ward smite), Iron skill helps jungle clear since you gain armor during the use of refillable or maybe now viable jungle potion. Overgrowth isn’t a great option but it beats the other two. Biscuit delivery gives amumu early mana regen and flat mana while magical footwear gives gold efficiency, maybe future market is good, but you usually just finish an extra camp if you dont have enough gold. If there is a strategy to using future market in the jungle, I’m sure someone will.

For grenade amumu, aka full ap/magic pen amumu. Electrocute is a no brainer for initiations, same to sudden impact. Ghost poro is good for counter jungling wraiths (which you should do as amumu, its really fast.) You can walk into the bush near wraiths and leave the poro there instead of using a trinket, therefore you can take red trinket early instead. Relentless hunter is the only really good one here. Manaflow is great for mana issues and absolute focus is good for the initial burst you plan on doing with most likely high health.

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Anivia procs electrocute fairly well, though again an aa is required after q e which isn’t a big deal. The other keystones really aren’t great except maybe unsealed spellbook but I’ll leave that to froggen. Cheap shot is really good on her since all her abilities impair movement. Ghost poro is really good on immobile mages since it’s nice to ward one bush and put the poro in the other. Ravenous is good for getting health through ult damage (its reduced to ⅓ but it’s still high damage for an aoe. In A team fight this will heal quite a bit. Mana flow band is great for anivia obviously, and transcendence is necessary for cdr since you can’t get cdr in mostly anywhere else besides inspirations 5%. You could argue inspiration is a better secondary tree for magical boots and biscuits for max mana, it’s debatable based on what you want.


So hear me out here. Electrocute and arcane comet are the only other good options here for OTHER trees. Electrocute requires again an aa after q w unless you ult, and the first line of runes aren’t great for annie (cheap shot would be the only viable one and you NEED stun for that.) Arcane is not reduced enough to validate it (I could be wrong). I truly believe proto belt rush annie with glacial augment is the most viable option. The reason is for one annies aa range is pretty good, and after aaing you gain approach velocity ms while they are slowed letting you get in range for other abilities. The slow on proto belt lets you stay in range longer for more q’s as well as more ms. Perfect timing is a no brainer if you plan on getting zhonya’s which a lot of annie’s do so they can do tibbers damage while in stasis. You could take the other two based on what you want. Magical footwear is the best option for gold efficiency. Since you won’t have boots early, waterwalking makings roaming easier. Approach velocity is insane on annie, it gives ms after initiation allowing you to reposition. Ultimate hat is great on annie, she doesn’t have mana issues due to last hitting with q unless heavily trading, in which case manaflow would be better, but tibbers is used often for kills or just sending the enemy out of lane. Since cdr isn’t high in runes anymore this is a pretty good option for her.


So again the keystone is decided by what is needed in the matchup. Press the attack for team damage especially on tanks, Fleet of footwork for repositioning and healing, and lethal tempo for dueling potential. Triumph is the only good option here for ashe, and it’s a good one at that. ADCs really benefit from getting health back from kills, especially in early skirmishes. Legend: Bloodline is prob best here, Free lifesteal is probably more valuable than free attack speed for someone like ashe who builds a lot of crit items. The attack speed could be better for ashes q damage but that’s up to you. Cut down is the obvious choice, but if you don’t vs any tanks you could opt for something else. Domination is a good choice for the second tree for many adc’s. Cheap shot is good for ashe because she literally pokes with true damage. Ghost poro helps ward tribush or river bush without using a trinket, allowing you to take a red trinket to help the support ward control, especially in lane bushes (preventing lane tp ganks).

Aurelien Sol:

So, Considering A sol is a GLP abuser, this is pretty good for him. True he won’t have stormriders surge anymore and if you are wondering why not phase rush, well as far as I know you need 3 separate attacks to proc it, meaning you can’t proc it with just w. Arcane comet could work but this just seems better. Glacial augment lets you aa people then w to get some orb hits off early, later on you can a huge slow field from glp to make hitting orbs really easily. Perfect timing is just an option if you plan on getting zhonyas, if not take one of the other two. Any of these can be good depending on what you wanna do, hex flash for better escaping tools or biscuits for early sustain and flat mana. Future market or minion dematerializer are the only options here. Magical footwear isn’t a good idea since A sol usually gets swiftness boots quickly to allow w hits more easily. Wave clearer or easier backs, that’s your call. Approach velocity is prob the best one here though cosmic insight is a good option too. By slowing people with A sol’s GLP and potential rylai’s, it’s just good for staying in range with orbs. Water Walking for roaming as A sol is a huge roamer and his e scales with ms. Celerity is a no brainer. (EDIT phase does work now, consider it)


No, press the attack doesn’t work on sand soldiers. Lethal tempo is AMAZING on azir and I dare say other keystones do not compare. Lethal tempo can be used in every trade early game and for every fight for insane gold value. Presence of mind is probably best, every time you level in lane pop a w on the enemy and q them after a sand aa for a free trade without using mana. In teamfights you won’t use mana after killing someone but azir has no mana issues lategame currently. Legend: Alacrity is best for him for obvious reasons. Coup De Grace is really good for executing the enemy, Cut down if vsing a lot of tanks. Absolute focus is great since azir dominates his lane against many mages (besides fizz lol) and usually doesn’t lose health when trading. Scorch will add the to poke but gathering storm can be taken for late game capabilities since azir does thrive late game. Domination as a secondary for the magic pen is ok but it’s not a valuable as this.


Bard has offensive and defensive capabilities, and summon aery is perfect for just that. Increasing bards trading power is really important in lane. Your w will give your adc a shield as well as the heal which is a nice touch. Manaflow band will give you a free q or w. Absolute focus is good imo since bard is usually above 70% health due to w. Water Walking is good for roaming mid and collecting chimes. Cheap shot adds poke damage through a and later aa’s when they slow. Ghost poro is nice for putting vision in places without wards especially when roaming for chimes.

Side note, Bard can also spec into other tree’s like inspiration for kleptomania and other efficient runes such as biscuits and magical footwear. Just depends on what you want.


Sorcery might seem weird here, but I argue manaflow band is a MUST on this champ due to his high cost on pull, allowing for more opportunities in the early game. Aftershock is a no brainer,guardian could be taken but i think the armor and mr is great after pulling, eing or ulting (yes blitz ult does immobilize). Font of life is good for most hp tank supports, you could take demolish if that’s what your adc wants. Iron skin procs off relic shield procs and potions, blitz has a high base armor so this is prob best early. Conditioning is more of a top lane thing. Revitalize is great for blitz passive and for shield item actives like face of the mountain and locket of iron solari. Water Walking is great for roaming, though you could take celerity for increased ap or ad during w. Transcendence isn’t necessary, supports usually hit 40% cdr easily.


Arcane comet is really good on DOT characters since its cd is reduced by ticks quickly. Manaflow band is good for w trades since it has a pretty high mana cost and can be changed with nullifying orb for matchups like syndra with high magic burst. Transcendence is good on brand since most brands go morello into liandries/rylias (order changes based on the game) and the extra cdr helps a lot. If you are confident you won’t take much damage in laning phase, you should take absolute focus. Scorch is really good extra dot damage which also helps with arcane comet. The second tree is up to you, personally perfect timing helps if you get zhyonas. IF NOT the other two are good too. Magical footwear is great for gold efficiency, but cosmic insight is also good for brand. Approach velocity is ok but brand doesn’t need to get in range after stunning since he’s already in range.


These braum masteries are pretty, well, strict here. There’s little room for anything else due to set bonuses and the utility gained. Guardian is better considering braums playstyle and he doesn’t really need more armor or mr when his w already gives plenty, so effective health is better with the shield. Font of life is a no brainer, either this or demolish based on what your adc’s want. Iron skin again is great on tank supports with high base armor, and heal off relic shield and potions for the 5% armor. Overgrowth for the health. Inspiration is good for free gold value. Magical footwear is nice free gold and approach velocity for both your allies and the enemies you cc with q and ult. Celestial body is an option but approach velocity’s utility is not to be underestimated.


Again, ADC’s can take whatever keystone they need, though in caitlyn’s defense i think fleet footwork is best here due to her range and need to reposition for second aa’s or q’s. Overheal is pretty nice on caitlyn especially if you have a healing support, it can be swapped out for triumph in some cases. Legend: Bloodline is good for free lifesteal, on caitlyn I think its better then the attack speed. Cut down is generally best for adcs, but sometimes the other two could be better based on the matchup. Taste of blood is great for caitlyn and a lot of adcs since it gives free healing while trading, and again ghost poro is great for bot since you can get red trinket as an adc and use the poro for warding river bushes. The only issue is you cannot enter the bushes in lane or you lose that poro, so you could sub this for a different rune like zombie ward.

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Camille uses press the attack pretty well, regardless of her true damage nature due to aa and q focused combat. Triumph for the kill rewards, legend: alacrity for more dps OR tenacity for better survivability later on. Coup De Grace for the kill pressure. Sudden impact for e lethality and ghost poro or eyeball collector depending on what you want.


Stormriders was great on cass, and phase rush is no different. You lose the slow resistance but it still easy to proc, you just need a second e after q (q e e). Manaflow band is great for mana sustain, celerity works well with phase rush which is when you are all ining. Gathering Storm is optional but I believe cass’s late game is really good, and adding to that is necessary. Scorch can be taken in some matchups, and water walking is good for roaming and for celerity. Ghost poro is great for controlling both mid lane bushes, and ravenous hunter will give cass a good amount of spell vamp in fights.

Precision is another great secondary tree for more cheese. You can take presence of mind for all ins in lane (spam e without it costing mana on levels and kills) and coup de grace for more kill pressure.


As much as I don’t want to acknowledge it, cho got the long end of the stick. Grasp gives him 5 perma health every time he aa’s and does a ton of damage healing due to his health pool. Demolish does a TON of damage to towers due to his health pool. Conditioning is probably best here since he has no problem dealing with many matchups due to innate sustain. Overgrowth again is free max health. Approach velocity is dumb, you q someone then run towards them like a chimpanzee on banana steroids. Its unsightly. Magical footwear is free gold and free ms considering you’ll rush righteous glory (or roa if that’s what you like). The 100 health is tempting from celestial body, but cho does too many early fights to take it.

You can also go into precision second tree, and take triumph and legend: tenacity. Your choice.


I believe mid corki uses Press the Attack best here, at least better then electrocute. In general precision is needed for the attack speed set bonus, and press the attack is fairly easy to execute. Fleet of footwork is good too here if you need sustain and repositioning. Triumph is best here, the other two aren’t applicable really. Legend: bloodline is free lifesteal, the attack speed is ok, but on corki lifesteal is more needed. Coupdegrace is better for kill pressure, but cut down is good too for tank matchups. Absolute focus is nice since corki should be easily dominating mid lane against most mages. Gather Storm is great for corki’s lategame.

ADC corki isn’t much different, the second tree could be domination for ghost poro and taste the blood for sustain or sudden impact for damage.


There are three arguments here, either you want to take press the attack, phase rush, or grasp. These are all good choices and in some situations they may be better, but in most situations lethal tempo is way better. Gaining a total of 48% attack speed from both the set bonus and lethal tempo at level one gives him almost 1.0 attack speed right off the bat during combat. Procing his passive will be a cinch due to this. Triumph is perfect for darius, Legend: Tenacity is perfect for darius, and coup de grace is perfect for darius. It’s all perfect, for dunking anyway lol. In any case, cheap shot adds true damage to w, and ravenous hunter adds a ton of healing to darius q and ult. His rune page is so stacked.

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If you are reading all these in order you might be bothered they i hardly include eyeball collector. Problem is it’s hard to kill wards when there are few wards DUE to ghost poro. Anyway, electrocute is best on diana. It’s easy to proc once 6, in fact this rune page is focused on level 6, so before then it doesn’t do much, which is normal for diana anyway. Sudden impact gives you magic pen with ult, ghost poro helps ward both bushes (yellow trinket and poro) relentless hunter for better mobility. Ultimate hate is a free 15% cdr on your ult and it’s easy to obtain in less than 2 minutes. Absolute focus is great since you assassinate people usually from full health. It could be traded for water walking.

Dr. Mundo:

Top Mundo: Yes, you could spec in other trees like phase rush in sorcery, however the hp from the set bonus adds all kinds of benefits in the form of value that I consider better the other options in general terms. Grasp gives 5 health per proc, giving more healing from passive and ult as well as more healing in general. Unflinching gives additional tenacity to mundo’s w especially after tping to lane. Iron skin is perfect, every q it procs, the alternative mirror shell for magic damage matchups is great too. Conditioning is for those lanes that won’t have much action for awhile if any. Overgrowth again adds more health for more healing. Magical footwear is free gold, mundo doesn’t really need boots before ten minutes in top lane. Approach velocity is great for his q as chasing targets is far easier. Celestial body reduces too much early damage, so unless you don’t plan on fighting I wouldn’t take it.

Jungle Mundo: Pretty much the same thing. Overgrowths value in the jungle can be debated, but for now I’ll leave it as is.


Again all of the keystones are good, Fleet may be good in most situations since its up more than lethal tempo. Since draven’s rush either death’s dance or bloodthirster, overheal is pretty good here. Triumph is good if that’s your playstyle. Legend bloodline is more free lifesteal, take it. Coup De Grace is better then cut down in most games. Draven goes for kills often in laning phase so I wouldn’t be banking on killing tanks at full hp in the late. Taste of blood makes trades great, and ghost poro again helps your support because you can buy red trinket to prevent teleport ganks and maintain ward control. #Free tyler1


Mid/Top Ekko: If you don’t plan on roaming take electrocute. So the idea here is predator keystone helps mid laners roam really really well, and ekko can use this really effectively. Ekko can gank top or bot and due to the high ms, he can set w far away and still reach it. The damage from predator will activate on e as well as sudden impacts magic pen. Eyeball collection is a good idea here, ekko doesn’t need ghost poro since he gets away from ganks pretty easily. Ingenious hunter lowers proto belt cd a lot, though the out of combat ms is good too. I went into precision because sorcery doesn’t really offer what ekko wants besides water walking and celerity for roaming, which could be good but it’s more of a jungle thing at that point. Triumph gives more kill reward and coup de grace is a whopping 10% more damage when the enemy is under 40% hp, perfect for an assassin.

Jungle Ekko: I’d say jungle ekko is the same deal except you would take relentless hunter and sorcery as your second tree. You would take water walking, and celerity for river control.


Electrocute is pretty self explanatory on elise, predator is an option, but not really sure about it yet. Sudden Impact works on elise q so that’s perfect. Eyeball collect is good for extra ap when dewarding or getting takedowns, relentless hunter for more out of combat movement speed. Ravenous hunter may be better for sustain but it’s probably not necessary. Sorcery is taken here since absolute focus is great on elise, as she usually ganks with full health and doesn’t see retaliation due to e stun. Water Walking helps ganks and river control.


Evelyn is literally the same as elise for the same reasons pretty much. Predator is great because you aren’t in combat for marking someone with w. Sudden impact is great since you usually e after procing charm with q. Eyeball for extra ap on takedowns and ward kills, and relentless hunter for out of combat ms for procing w more easily. Celerity is better here since eve isn’t always at close to full health, and this works well with predator and relentless hunter AND water walking (this will be a common trend for many champions.) Again water walking for river control and ganking.


Jungle Ez: Press the attack is probably the best in this case, aa q aa and it procs fairly easily. It gives the other laners more damage on them as well. Presence of mind is just an idea where after you level you can spam all your abilities to keep your mana sustain in jungle or during a teamfight. Triumph may be better but it’s a close call. Legend bloodline is free lifesteal and ez doesn’t need attack speed when he’s already getting 18% from precision. Coup De Grace for kill secures early. Absolute focus is great since ez is above 70% health when ganking, and water walking for river control and ganking. Celerity is also good if you dont want absolute focus.

ADC Ez: Same except press the attack could be swapped for whatever you think you need and the second tree is best as domination with ghost poro so you can start red trinket and sudden impact for E pen. Kleptomania is also an option here for costless sustain instead of power, though you can gain power in the form of gold by RNG.

AP EZ: completely different, here.

Electrocute is a pretty easy proc and a lot of damage. Sudden impact is obvious for ezreal e. Eyeball collection for ap in takedowns since ap ezreal has a good kill participation. Relentless hunter is good for roaming. Manaflow band for w trades since you max it first. Scorch adds to w poke, through gathering storm isn’t a bad idea if you want to focus on late game. Do not underestimate Ap ezreal lategame.

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Ok, fiddle is a WEIRD champion, but he benefits pretty well from runes. Unsealed spellbook may seem really retarded and I don’t blame you for thinking that, however I believe fiddlesticks is better off without jungle items besides the starting one. What I’m saying is he can replace smite with something else as the game progresses. You can also start the game with ghost and smite since ghost is arguably better on fiddle early. The main reason however is the 30% reduced summoner spell time. On Flash where fiddle really uses flash better than most champions, it being on a 210 second cd compared to 300. This is important because the more often ult is up with flash or i guess ghost early, the better. Ghost can be used then channel ult for the best effect since it takes 2 seconds for ghost to ramp up. Perfect timing is a MUST, its 15% off your zhonya’s and a 600 gold save . This is some ardent censer level bullshit for fiddle. Plus you get a free 1 time zhyonas at 6 minutes. Magical boots is free boots at 10 minutes, which is another 350 gold save. Approach velocity is great because you can fear the enemy and reposition easily for drain. Cosmic insight is ok too though, depends on what you want. Ultimate hat is great, fiddle doesnt build much cdr besides zhonyas, and the more his ult is up the better. A good fiddle will use ult whenever he can to secure kills ASAP. Water walking helps for river control and ganking. Celerity is an option for the damage increase after ulting from the ms boost from passive as well as better roaming, and absolute focus is good too for extra ap since fiddle is ALWAYS full health.


So, Press the attack works pretty well despite the true damage not being affected. Its easy to proc so its best here. Arguably you can take overheal but triumph is really good for fiora’s playstyle. Killing people you ult in 1v3 situations will give you a TON of health for example. Legend bloodline seems best here. She doesn’t build tenacity often due to w, and the lifesteal fits her playstyle and works on q. It can be swapped around for other Legend runes though, your call. Coup De Grace is best here, again yes you aren’t increasing the true damage but you increase lunge and aa damage at least. It’s still a lot. Sudden impact is pretty obvious, and ravenous for more healing on abilities.


Fizz proc’s electrocute really well, so that’s a given. Predator is ok but unnecessary. Sudden impact procs off fizz q and e so that’s a given. Eyeball collection is great for assassins. Ingenious Hunter is really nice since fizz rushes proto belt currently, allowing for more opportunities. Precision is better for takedown rewards and kill potential, less roaming really. Fizz likes to be lane dominate THEN roam.


Ap mid galio is now most prominent so, electrocute is easy to proc, sudden impact for e, ghost poro since galio is susceptible to ganks allowing him to ward both bushes with trinket and poro. Relentless hunter is ok, but the ravenous may or may not be good, not sure. Sorcery is great, manaflow band to help q poke and absolute focus to help q poke.

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This is a fun one, Gangplank will proc klepto better than any melee champion with q. It can generate a lot of free value and the other keystones aren’t really as good anyway. Biscuit delivery is great for early sustain but hexflash is also nice if you need to get over a wall or something similar. Magical footwear is more free gold, and the other two options aren’t as good. Cosmic insight is really good for more uptime of important spells. Approach velocity is also really good since you slow people with barrels and get ms to chase them. Ulti for the same effect. Manaflow band gives a free w heal considering the mana cost and q in some cases. Scorch is great for poking with q.


Grasp is good here, for the health and great damage. Demolish makes you a threat for splitpushing. Conditioning is best here, there’s no good way to proc the other two but you’ll get a lot of armor and mr at 10 minutes due to your w. Overgrowth is nice, but revitalize makes garen’s passive really good, as well as triumphs heal on kill. Triumph is great for garen as kills are easy to secure. Coup De Grace is great for kills in lane.

If you want more kill pressure, I would go into sorcery and take phase rush, Ultimate hat or nullifying orb for magic damage matchups, celerity for more ad when you q, and gathering storm for more late game relevance or waterwalking for river fights. Second tree is interchangeable at this point but precision is still pretty good for kill potential.


Press the attack has great synergy with gnar’s kit. After the third aa youll proc w AND press the attack allowing for more follow up through approach velocity as well through the w slow. Triumph is the only good option here but its not a bad one by any means. Legend: Tenacity is a given based on gnars core build being composed of ad tank items. Coup De Grace is best for lane killing pressure. Magical footwear is a free 350 gold and gnar doesn’t need boots until later anyway.

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For tank gragas jg, Aftershock adds armor and mr as well as extra damage. Unflinching is great for smite users. Iron skin is easily proc’d through gragas passive, and revitalize increases passive sustain. Celestial body is good here, it doesn’t really hurt his clear and he gets really tanky right off the bat. Magical footwear is free gold.

For Ap gragas mid

Electrocute is easily proc’d. Sudden impact through gragas e. Eyeball collection for more ap. Relentless hunter for roam. Absolute focus for easier one shots, and manaflow band for more sustain in lane.


Predator allows you to position well when ganking and deal extra damage. Electrocute is hard to proc without landing both parts of q, but it’s there if you want to take it. Sudden impact is free due to graves e. Eyeball collection for free ad. Relentless hunter for easier ganks. Triumph is best here, the other two don’t stack up. Coup De Grace is great for kill pressure. Graves is another champ that didn’t really get good runes for his kit.


Predator for better ganks, HOWEVER if you want more kill potential take electrocute. Sudden impact for lethality after E dash is applied (or ult). Eyeball collection for the ad, otherwise take zombie ward if you plan on counter warding. Relentless hunter for the ms for better ganks and positioning. You can take ingenious hunter as well for better predator cd. Celerity for the extra ad especially on e. Water walking again for the ms and better river fighting.


Arcane comet works pretty well for heimer, if he hits someone with e he can w them for all the rockets and reduce arcane comets cd significantly. Manaflow band allows you to take popshots through e without using mana. celerity is great because heimer gets a lot of ms from passive, at level 1 without boots and celerity, he gets 23% bonus ms which means 68 bonus ms and thats converted to 6.8 ap. It’s better than absolute focus since you don’t have to be high hp to gain extra stats and getting boots will increase your dps. Scorch adds to poke, however you could take gathering storm if that’s what you want. Perfect timing is core because heimer uses zhonya’s really well. Magical footwear also gives free gold.


Illaoi is interesting, Dark harvest is great for her as she spends most of the game split pushing waiting for the jungler or whole team to show up. Sudden Impact works on illaoi w really well. Ghost poro helps ward both river and tri bush. Ravenous hunter is GREAT on illaoi. Demolish is GREAT in splitpushing champs. Revitalize helps illaoi heals a lot too. She got a lot of good shit out of runes.


Irelia also got A LOT out of the new runes. Lethal tempo adds a ton of true damage dps and healing on w. Presence of mind allows to farm under tower or waves by spamming q after leveling. You could take overheal or triumph in place, this is just an idea. Legend: Alacrity means more attack speed which means more true damage and healing. Last Stand fits irelia the best, the lower hp the better damage and that means turning on full health people while low into a one shot is even more possible. Sudden Impact gives lethality through q, and ravenous hunter allows for healing on q.


Guardian is great on ivern, adding shields onto shield. Font of life is good healing for the people you gank for. Conditioning is best, the other two aren’t needed as ivern who doesn’t clear like traditional junglers. Revitalize increases shields for you and your allies. Biscuit Delivery is great for iverns early clears. Celestial body is also great early since it doesn’t touch iverns clear, and iverns damage early is already pretty bad.


Summon aery is basically better than any other keystone for janna. Janna has a mix of offensive and defensive abilities so it works well. Manaflow band allows free q poke and e shields. Celerity is great due to janna’s innate ms on w. Remember, it scales off bonus ms not flat, so regardless of janna’s low base, it’s still great. Water walking is great for river fights for extra ap to make bigger shields and heals as well as warding deep quickly. Revitalize is great for bigger shields for both janna e and ult as well as summon aery. Font of life works well with janna w and q.

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Electrocute is best on jarvan. Its aoe, and easy to proc so it works well with his kit. Sudden impact gives lethality for e q combo. Eyeball collection is great for extra ad. Ravenous hunter is great for healing off q and ult. Triumph is great for takedown rewards. Coup De Grace is great for kill pressure in lane.


Jax uses lethal tempo to proc his ult and in general ramp up his passive to output tons of damage. Triumph is the best option probably, it’s a good source of health after a duel is won. Legend: Alacrity is great for more attack speed. Coup De Grace is great for kill pressure. Sudden Impact gives lethality every q which is great. Ghost poro helps ward both river bushes in top.


Mid Roaming Jayce: Predator makes roaming extremely fast and unpredictable, so it allows jayce to roam bot and fire an e q which does extra damage due to predator, and celerity. Always open with e q for and preferably in the river due to water walking. Sudden impact is great due to lethality when jumping in hammer form. Eyeball collect gives extra ad for ward kills and takedowns. Relentless hunter for roaming as well as celerity and water walking.

Top/MId kill pressure jayce:

Electrocute allows more in lane kill potential especially from coup de grace and triumphs kill rewards.


So jhin uses lethal tempo uniquely then other champions use it since his ad increases based off a number of factors, one being his attack speed. Notably, at level 1 with dorans blade and this setup, he gains 8 ad from entering champion combat. So this is pretty insane and late it goes up as far as an 80 ad increase. Triumph is for the kill rewards, if you have a heal support you could consider overheal. Legend: alacrity for the attack speed aka ad. Cut down because adc. Against squishies or for kill potential take coup de grace. Gathering storm for the adc late game and celerity due to jhin’s passive.


As said before the keystone, you can take whatever is needed for that lane. Fleet footwork is generally the most usable on jinx though for repositioning with rockets. Bloodline is free lifesteal and is better then attack speed in this case. Cutdown is usually best on adc unless there aren’t tanks. Taste of blood is great for trading and Ghost poro helps your support since you can take red trinket and ward the tri with the poro.

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Press the attack is great for kalista, she aa’s 3 times and suddenly does a lot more rend damage, though lethal tempo can rival this in some ways. I think press the attack is overall better for trades and all ins. You aa 3 times and rend, it’s perfect. Triumph for the takedown rewards. Alacrity for more attack speed for more spears for a better rend. Coup De Grace for better kill pressure in lane. Sudden impact literally works every time you aa move. Ghost poro helps your support since you can take red trinket and ward the tri with the poro.


Support: Summon Aery is self explanatory, Ultimate hat is a MUST on karma, as getting the 15% is very easy to do. Transcendence is great because supports overload on cdr usually, so karma can get benefits for doing so. Scorch is great for poking. Resolve is taken for the increased shield and healing for the adc which is proc’d through ult q and w.

Top Tank: Same page actually, except instead of font of life you take Unflinching .

Mid AP: Same sorcery, in mid however take precision for your second tree with coup de grace and triumph.


Not many keystones work well with karthus, but in lane arcane comet at least has its value. Summon aery could actually work due to travel time with karthus melee ranging e, so there’s that. Ultimate hat reduces karthus ult cd which is really good considering it initially reduces it by 5 seconds. Absolute focus is great for doing lane trades without taking damage and having more ult damage. Gathering storm will assure your ult relevance late game. The second tree is HIGHLY debatable and usually is decided based on what you vs. For example, you could go inspiration for perfect timing and cosmic insight for the value of zhonyas and lower ult cd. Use what you need in the matchup you are in.


Early/Mid Damage:

Due to not taking sorcery, this is more early game and mid game oriented as a rune page. Electrocute allows for a lot of burst with kassadin’s combo, sudden impact allows for extra magic pen with each ult. Eyeball collection allows for more ap. Relentless hunter gives out of combat movespeed for roaming. If you plan of heavily roaming predator is also good. Presence of mind is great on kassadin, when you hit 800 mana ults, you get a take down then spam 4 800 mana ults late game. Its great. Coup De Grace is also great for more kill potential.

Late Game:

Phase rush is pretty good here for trading, you ult in q w e and walk away pretty easily. Ultimate hate is excellent and allows for a free 15% ult cdr right off the bat. Transcendence is great for the cdr and if you get roa into lich into zhonya’s into morello and lucidity boots, you’ll get an extra 40 ap from the extra 20% cdr, though the magic pen boots are obviously better for bursting squishes. Absolute focus is pretty good for catches, but I’m not sure it’s better than transcendence. Gathering storm is great on kassadin, as a late game hyper carry this is necessary. Again, presence of mind is insane on kass since he can use his 800 mana stacked ult for free when it’s on a 1 second cd. Coup De Grace is a ton of damage but can be swapped for cut down against a lot of tanks.

Kassadin can also spec into inspiration as a second tree for perfect timing and cosmic insight. Depends what you need.


Standard Kat page, Electrocute is great on her just like thunderlords. Sudden impact gives magic pen for her E. Eyeball collection is great for assassin’s to gain free stats. Ingenious hunter lowers gunblades cd, but could be swapped for the other two, if you need healing or out of combat movement speed. They are all good on her. Triumph is a lot of extra gold and reward for someone that tries to go for pentakills. Coupe De Grace is great kill pressure.


Lethal tempo is great on kayle, she increases her dps a lot. Press the Attack only slightly worse. Triumph is the only good option here. Legend: Alacrity is free attack. Coup De Grace is great kill pressure. Hexflash is really good since kayle has no gap closer, when flash is on cd you can use it to get over a wall to escape or chase. Approach velocity is proc’d off your q or when allies are in danger you’ll get increased ms towards them so you can ult/heal.

Red Kayn:

Predator for easy ganks through e, Sudden impact for free lethality, Eyeball collection for ad on takedowns and wards, and ravenous hunter for more healing as red kayn. Coup De Grace for more kill potential, and Legend: Tenacity for free tenacity through kills.

Blue kayn: Same thing except replace ravenous hunter with relentless hunter and replace legend tenacity with triumph.


Glacial Augment is really good on kennen, allowing ranged slows and a huge slow field on protobelt. Arguably you could take unsealed spellbook for lower flash and tp and taking ignite early game for kill pressure. Perfect timing is great for zhonya’s which is always built on kennen. Magical Footwear is free gold as well, saving almost 1000 gold by 10 minutes. Cosmic insight is good for reducing ult cd, protobelt cd, ect. Sorcery is the best second tree, it gives the most ap of all combinations and ultimate hat for kennen ult which should be up as much as possible and celerity which gives insane ap while in E form, making a deadly combo. It is worse than absolute focus though late game, so it’s debatable which is better.

Note you can go domination into sorcery for more early game damage. So electrocute into sudden impact (if it works with e I dunno yet) and if not then cheap shot or taste of blood depending on what you want. Eyeball collector and ingenious hunter. Ultimate hat and celerity are good for sorcery but if you want zhyonas value you could go for inspiration to take perfect timing and the boots for about 950 free gold at 10 minutes

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Typical Assassin jungle game, Predator is beyond broken here though. Evolve R first and activate predator and watch as you walk from the beginning of your jungle to any lane without being seen even once. This is just blatantly unfair. Sudden impact for free lethality, eyeball collection is good for more ad and relentless hunter for.. *groan* more ms for ult. Triumph for kill rewards and Coup De Grace for more kill pressure.


Press the attack is pretty good on kindred as it synchronizes with her e. Kindred is good at follow up damage, so I think it’s slightly better than lethal tempo, but that’s up to you. Triumph is the best option here. Legend: Alacrity is good for the attack speed, the lifesteal is good to, just depends what you need. Coup De Grace for kill pressure, otherwise take cut down for tanks. For inspiration, Magical footwear for the gold value and approach velocity to chance the enemies you e.


Press the attack is great on kled, with his w he hits the enemy 3 times very quickly, and now that the 12% extra damage has been applied the fourth aa that does the most damage will be inflicted with that 12%. Triumph is best here for the kill rewards. Legend: Tenacity is best as a tank. Coup De Grace is great kill pressure. Water Walking helps roaming and absolute focus increases kleds damage when he does his all ins at full health which the enemy shouldn’t be fighting back due to his dueling potential.


Really an undeniable rune page here. You could take press the attack but… no this is too good. Triumph for great kill rewards. Legend: Alacrity for more attack speed. Cut Down for killing tanks, Coup de grace against squishies. Gathering Storm for late game. Absolute focus since you’ll be full health in teamfights often if you have a not brain dead support. Also helps with last hitting in lane.

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Typical Mid Assassin page. Electrocute is easy to proc, predator is ok for roaming. Sudden Impact due to w, gives free magic pen. Eyeball collection for the extra ap on takedowns and ward kills. Relentless hunter for roaming. Triumph for Kill rewards and coup de grace for kill pressure.

Lee sin:

Look familiar? (leblancs page for the most part). Electrocute is easy to proc. Sudden Impact due to q and w, gives free lethality pen. Eyeball collection for the extra ad on takedowns and ward kills. Ravenous hunter for healing on q/e./r damage. Triumph for Kill rewards and coup de grace for kill pressure.


Aftershock was literally made for her, don’t argue this. More armor and mr after landing e, which adds to the ratio for w and causes a w shockwave for really good support damage. Font of life for your adc, conditioning because she has enough armor and mr for the first 10 minutes, it’s more important to have both mr and armor for later. Overgrowth for free health. Cheap Shot is good true damage for leona and zombie ward is GREAT for ward control, especially on leona who kills wards really quickly.


Electrocute is easy to proc, but if you wanna go protobelt first sometimes glacial augment is better. To be honest though, the slows aren’t really useful on her aa’s, however the proto belt flowfield is really good. For now, let’s go over the domination tree as main spec. Sudden impact for magic pen with e initiation. Eyeball collection for the ap. Ingenious hunter for proto belt cdr. Scorch is good poke early and ultimate hat is nice because you use ult pretty often as lissandra.


Precision is both easily proc’d and increases lucians spell damage after procing. Triumph for kill rewards, Legend bloodline for free lifesteal. Cut down against tanks, but coup de grace is good for early kill potential. Sudden impact for lethality on e, and ghost poro to help your support by sending it in tri so you can take red trinket.


Summon Aery is great on lulu e and good for doing damage with her damaging abilities. Manaflow band for free e, absolute focus for stronger early trades and shields. Scorch for good poke. Font of life for adc and revitalize for bigger e shield.


Arcane comet is pretty good since it will always land on q land. However, it could be argued summon aery is better for the utility though it will do less damage.Ultimate hate is great due to lux ult being up often especially on kills. Absolute focus gives a good chunk of ap for being above 70% health, which lux should have as a high ranged character. You could take celerity for roaming if your lane isn’t as easy. Water walking is nice for river fights and roaming. You can take gathering storm for late game or scorch for more lane dominance. Presence of mind is ok, when you level you can use all your abilities to clear the wave, and in a team fight you won’t use mana after getting a kill. Triumph is probably better though. Coup De Grace is great for kill pressure.


Malphite uses runes really well. After using ult, malphite gets bonus resistance from aftershock and does more damage with w and e. Grasp can be taken for more lane strength but aftershock is great for initiation. Demolish is good for splitting and Unflinching is decent but not as good. Conditioning is best since the armor is not needed early. If vsing pantheon or something it’s fine to take iron skin. Overgrowth is best for the free health. Biscuit delivery is great for malphite early game mana problems. Approach velocity is great for catching a target after using q.


Arcane comet is great on DOT champs due to the cd reduction on the comet. Ultimate hat is great for a press r champ. Absolute focus is great since malz doesnt lose hp when he trades much due to passive. Scorch is great poke. Presence of mind is nice for pushing the wave without using mana as well as using spells for free on kills. Coup De Grace is great kill pressure.


Grasp is best here for trades in lane that should happen often as a infinitely sustain maokai. Demolish makes split pushing pretty good. Iron skin is better due to heals allowing for early armor in early trades. Overgrowth is great for hp. Revitalize is good, but overgrowth indirectly increases your healing by increasing your max health. Biscuit delivery gives a free 200 mana and sustain in early game and Celestial body gives more healing and overall early tankiness. The damage reduction isn’t that bad as maokai doesn’t really have kill pressure early game unless the enemy is a squishy that plays like shit.

Master Yi:

Lethal tempo increases yi’s attack speed by an insane amount, and that in turn increases true damage. Therefore, it’s the best keystone. Triumph is great for pentakill spamming champions. Legend:Alacrity is free attack speed = more true damage. Coup De Grace = More kill pressure. Celerity gives your ult an ad boost and water walking makes river fights better as well as ganks.

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Miss Fortune:

Now I know, this looks retarded, and it is. However, EVERY OTHER RUNE besides maybe Kleptomancy if it works(doubtful lol), is worse than this. It makes q stronger and that’s all that matters here. Manaflow band is great sustain for q spam, however IN LANES WITH HEAVY MAGIC DAMAGE I.E. brand, zyra, sona, ect you should take nullifying orb. Celerity is best here for synergy with her passive and overall better movement speed for better positioning overall. Gathering storm is a no brainer, tons of late game potential is added. Cheap shot due to E for the consistent true damage poke and eyeball collection for the ad. Note eyeball collector could be substituted for ghost poro to help your support with vision control, that’s your call.


Mordekaiser procs phase rush pretty well, and uses the slow resistance to stay in q and w range. Ultimate hat is an option for ad matchups, Nullifying orb is good vs magic damage. Absolute focus for e poke but for harder lanes take celerity, scorch for more e poke and if you need late game take gathering storm instead and roam take water walking. Triumph is great for turning 1v2’s and such. Coup De Grace is great damage.

Morde could also go into inspiraton for glacial augment for gunblade builds, if you do that go perfect timing or hexflash depending on what you need, magical boots for the value, and cosmic insight for cdr. The secondary could be anything, for example triumph and coup de grace in precision.


Arcane comet works well as morg w is a DOT and the target stays locked in q. Manaflow band for free mana. Absolute focus for more ap, morgana almost always is at max health. Water Walking for roaming. Perfect timing for zhonya’s abuse and approach velocity to stay in ult range or to get into ult range after a q or to save a cc’d ally.

This works for both support and mid morgana, though summon aery could be taken on support morgana.


Summon aery is a no brainer here. Manaflow band for free heals. Celerity is really good due to her passive. It’s more of a late game thing for her, but if you want better early heals go absolute focus. Water Walking for better roaming and warding. Biscuit delivery is great for early poke and sustain. Magical footwear is free gold.


Dark harvest is GREAT on nasus. He stack farms while split pushing and builds a ton of soul stacks, killing with ease the next person he attacks. Taste of blood is great for early game sustain. Zombie ward lets you ward the river bush and not have to worry about it since a ward will replace it. Ravenous hunter is great for q damage, giving nasus insane healing. Resolve is good due to the free armor from just lifestealing off minions, the magic one is good for ap champs. The hp from overgrowth is great too. You can replace one of these with demolish, however nasus already chunks towers, I think using demolish would actually be SLOWER then him just qing them, especially late game.


For support nautilus, this page is great. After ccing someone you’ll get free damage and armor/mr from aftershock. Font of life for free health for your carry. Iron skin which procs off your relic shield and pots. Overgrowth for free health. Ingenious hunter for faster item actives. Zombie ward is great for supports due to replacing enemy wards with your wards.

Top naut: Grasp is great for more health = more shield and more trade damage. Demolish is great for pushing. Conditioning because you won’t need the armor or mr early. Revitalize for bigger w shield. Magical footwear for free gold. Approach velocity to get into aa range quicker through e and r.


Electrocute is easy to proc and does a lot of damage. Sudden impact on every cougar w, ghost poro for invades. Relentless hunter for roam. Precisions triumph for kill rewards and coup de grace for insane kill pressure.


Dark Harvest is great for nocturne, he farms up jungle while his ult is on cd (unless some crazy fight happens) and ults in to do a ton of damage. Electrocute could be taken for more consistent dps but It’s not really as good. Sudden impact for more damage when ulting. Eyeball collection for more ad. Relentless hunter for faster clear and roam. Ultimate hate for lower cd time since it’s a press r champ. Celerity is great here because of nocturnes 345 base ms, giving him 13 out of combat and ad based on his bonus ms. Great synergy with q.


Another weirdo but, nunu focuses on jungle control and spamming summoner spells is really good. You can replace smite later in the game for other sums, but the main thing is your summoners will be on low cds allowing for unflinching to do work. This is all for the context of controlling the jungle. Hexflash makes counter jungling more available. Magical footwear is free gold. Celestial body is free health that won’t slow your clear due to q true damage. Conditioning is great for mid and late game.

Olaf: WIP

Jungle Tank: Predator is taken for easier positioning into ganks or even invades sometimes. Dark harvest could be good too since olaf has good clear. Cheap shot because of q. Zombie Ward for red trinket clearing, ghost poro for invading. Ravenous hunter because it’s the best of the 3 options unless you plan on building locket, in which case consider ingenious hunter. Overgrowth for more health and iron skin for better sustain early game.

Even though resolve might scream tank as a primary page, olaf benefits greatly from early ad, so the set bonuses are important here. The second tree can be changed to other things like precision and inspiration.

DPS Olaf: (do not use vandrils build in my games lol)

So, the objective here is to run into the enemy and be fast enough to constantly aa and chunk the enemy with each extremly fast aa. This could be jungle or top but I recommend top. Lethal tempo when combined with w and ult can be very deadly in 1v1s. I feel its best here. Triumph is better than overheal because 15% of your current health especially when low health is way better in team fights. Alacrity for more attack speed, you could try lifesteal but I don’t think it’s as good. Last stand is great, the lower health the more damage and that means more lifesteal. Manaflow band is nice for olaf’s mana sustain on q and celerity helps increase his dps when ghosting assuming you are taking that. The second tree again can be swapped around depending on what you need.


Ori doesn’t take electrocute since she has to be either in range to aa for the third unique attack or ult. Even then it’s not as valuable as arcane comet. Arcane comets cd will be lowered a lot by ori’s q spam. NOTE DEPENDING ON THE MATCHUP SUMMON AERY CAN BE BETTER. For example, vs talon I prefer summon aery to prevent burst. Ultimate hat is great for a press r champ. Absolute focus is great since ori is lane dominant. Gathering Storm is great for ori’s late game. Triumph is for the kill rewards and coup de grace for the great kill pressure.

If you want sustain, take inspiration second tree for biscuits and cosmic insight.

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Grasp is great for more health and more damage. Demolish is great for ornn splitting. Conditioning for late, I don’t think ornn needs armor or mr early due to his kit. Second wind for survivability in lane when combined with dorans shield. Do not underestimate this champs base health regen. Celestial body does reduce your damage, BUT ornn needs levels in w before he does a lot of damage. So by ten minutes you can start beating on the opponents. If not, take approach velocity for matchups you need damage in. Biscuit delivery is GREAT for a champ that doesn’t want to back. If you want gargoyle go for perfect timing to replace one of these.


Arcane comet is easily proc’d by q and q, and q, and also q. W also guarantees a hit. Summon aery is more reliable, but its less dps assuming arcane comet lands. Manaflow band for free q’s and mana sustain. Absolute focus because pantheon is lane dominant and often goes for early kills without any real retaliation. Scorch for more poke that leads to kills. Sudden Impact for the lethality on w dash to q e. Ravenous hunter for lane sustain and potentially great late game healing. Relentless hunter is fine too.


Grasp is great, its free health for her already good resistances. Demolish for split pushing. Conditioning because early you already get a lot of resistance. Overgrowth for more health. Legend: Tenacity for free tenacity and coup de grace for kill pressure.


Electrocute is good damage and pretty easily proc’d. Predator might be overkill but hey it could be fun. Sudden impact is great on e. Eyeball collection for the free ad. Relentless hunter for better ganks. Triumph for the kill rewards and coup de grace for the kill pressure.


Summon aerie isn’t as good as aftershock here. Its sketchy to rely on aeries damage on either short ranged skill shots or all ins. Aftershock lets you engage and have great resistance bonuses afterwards. Font of life is good health due to rakans engage. Iron skin is great for early trades or engages. Revitalize for the shield value. Sudden Impact for magic pen on w. Zombie ward for ward control. You could ditch one of the domination wards for ingenious hunter for the item actives especially if you feel like you are rushing locket.


Aftershock is staple here, after all its rammus. Unflinching helps rammus’s self slow really well. Iron Skin for better jungle clear. Overgrowth for more health. Ultimate hat For more ult engages. Water walking for better ganking.

Predator is not a bad idea though, it wouldn’t be as tanky but the ganks would be insane. You could go predator and resolve for unflinching and iron skin.


Press the attack is great on rek’sai due to q, and how quickly q comes up. This does not increase reksais true damage, but it still helps a good amount. Triumph is good for the hp on takedowns and 25 extra gold. Legend: Alacrity is free attack speed, tenacity is ok but rek’sai will be more damage heavy for a majority of the game. Coup De Grace for the kill pressure. Sudden impact for lethality on w and ult and relentless hunter for better positioning and unburrow potential. You could try ravenous hunter for sustain or zombie ward for dewarding.


This is INSANE for renekton. W procs 2 aa,s and empowered w is 3, so it allows your other abilities to do insane damage. Triumph for the kill rewards. Legend: Tenacity is great for mid-late game. Coup De Grace for insane kill potential. Sudden Impact for the lethality and ravenous hunter for great healing.


Predator is great for rengar ganks, making his jump time on stealth much longer and ulti surprises much more quickly. Sudden impact for the lethality on all jumps. Eyeball collection for the free ad. Ingenious hunter is best for predators boot active. You can take relentless hunter, but I don’t know if it’s as good. Coup De Grace for the damage potential. Triumph for the kill rewards.

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Electrocute is probably the best for riven if you think you can snowball and if you want to roam take predator. Sudden impact for lethality on q and e. Eyeball collection for more ad. Ravenous hunter for great healing on abilities. Triumph for kill rewards and coup de grace for great kill pressure.

A different page for harder matchups could be press the attack into triumph into legend alacrity (or lifesteal) into coup de grace and the second tree being sudden impact and ravenous hunter. Not sure which page is actually better though but we will see.


Arcane comet is great on DOT champs. Though summon aery may work better due to travel time and his dot being close range. Unsure atm. Ultimate hat is great on press R champs especially rumble who doesn’t finish 40% cdr in many games, however this can be swapped for the former against hard ap lanes such as say kennen. Absolute focus because rumble is lane dominant and celerity instead for harder matchups. Scorch for more lane pressure. Perfect timing because rumble uses zhyonas REALLY well and can abuse that early stopwatch too. Approach velocity is great for chasing with e or ult and even then you could take magical boots.


Arcane comet is really good for ryze, as he spams abilities all the time and can lock people with w to assure a comet hits. Phase rush is an option for certain matchups. Manaflow band is ok though ryze builds a lot of mana. Take the magic damage shield if vsing ap in mid or jg. Transcendence for the free cdr. Water walking for roaming and river fights. Biscuit delivery is free mana and good early sustain. Cosmic insight for more cdr.


Aftershock is ok on sej, gives decent damage with her abilities, grasp may or may not be better but its debatable. Unflinching is great on junglers due to smite. Conditioning for mid and late game. Overgrowth is ok but its only picked due to the other two options being meh. Ultimate hat is great here, sej ult is a huge pick tool and is commonly used not too long after getting it. Transcendence is nice cdr, however if you want to focus on ganking water walking might be better especially for river fights.

Side note you could take other secondary trees depending on what you need


Predator is great allowing shaco to cover more ground in stealth and gank really easily. This could be swapped with the other two depending on what you plan on doing (dark harvest for farming jungle or electrocute for more gank damage. Sudden impact is perfect for shaco q. Eyeball collection for free ad. Relentless hunter for more roam. Absolute focus for better gank damage and water walking for river fights and ganks.


Grasp is great on shen, free health and tons of damage. Demolish is great for split pushing. Conditioning for mid and late game stats. Revitalize for large shen ult shields. Ultimate hat for Pres R champ. Absolute focus for better last hitting.

Side note, second tree is highly dependent on what you vs. You can go inspiration and take celestial body and magical footwear.


Press the attack works well on shy, one q and a aa and she does increased damage and more damage after. Triumph for kill rewards. Legend tenacity for free tenacity. Coup De Grace for more kill pressure. Unflinching is great on junglers due to smite. Iron skin for a healthy clear.


This is the typical proxy singed rune page, however please know SINGED PAGES CAN BE VERY DIFFERENT BASED ON THE TEAM YOU ARE VSING. Unsealed spell book allows ghost and teleport to be up VERY often. Biscuit delivery for early proxy sustain. Minion dematerializer for more proxy. Celestial body for early tankiness to proxy. Unflinching for more ghost and teleport value. Iron Skin for more proxy.

OTHER SINGED PAGES could be the same first tree, but have sorcery in secondary with celerity and ultimate hat.

For Ap based singed pages, you could take sorcery for phase rush (aa e q), ultimate hat, celerity, scorch, waterwalking, or gathering storm depending on what you want, unflinching and conditioning for easy lanes and iron skin or mirror shell for harder lanes.


Tank Sion: Grasp for more health, Demolish for split pressure. Conditioning for mid and late game stats. Overgrowth for more health. Magical footwear for the value, Approach velocity works great on sion q and e. For hard matchups take celestial body.

Lethality Sion:

Electrocute is an easy proc if you land a big q. Cheap shot for q,e, ult. Eyeball collection for more ad. Ravenous hunter because why not heal a ton on your q and ult. Absolute focus because lethality sion is usually full health before doing cheese strats. Ultimate hat for more ultis which is necessary as lethality sion.

This page could be swapped to take sorcery with arcane comet and runes down that true, but at this moment I’m unsure which is better so we will see.


Again, any of the keystones are fine, though sivir uses fleet footwork really well due to her passive. Triumph for kill rewards. Legend: Bloodline for free lifesteal. Cutdown for killing tanks. Celerity procs off fleet footwork and her passive. Gathering storm for lategame adc damage.


DPS skarner: So, skarner is an oddball. If you have played him, you know that he currently just builds righteous glory with cinderhulk. I believe this itemization will change drastically after the rune changes. Lethal tempo makes skarner q cd a lot less, allowing for overall more dps. The attack speed makes skarner q cd reduced by 0.25 second, with warrior I believe this could make skarner very similar to rek’sai as a damage dealer early mid and tank late. However I will say I am not a skarner main and stopped playing him after they reworked him during the juggernaut update. So just incase I’m gonna leave a tank skarner page after this. Triumph for the kill rewards. Tenacity for free tenacity. Coup De Grace for great kill potential. Unflinching is great on junglers. Iron skin for better clear.

Tank Skarner:

So, Aftershock is great here. You stun someone with e (or ult) and get to continue to dps on the target with increased defenses as well as a small burst of dps. Unflinching is great on junglers. Iron skin for the better clear. Revitalize is probably best here, the shield has more value than the small health gain (since in jungle killing 8 things takes a lot longer than in lane. Magical footwear is free gold and approach velocity for the chase potential with q and e slow.


So, sona uses summon aery better than pretty much anyone in the game, so its great here. Manaflow band is nice for lane sustain as sona does have mana issues early when spamming q w (which is why some sonas get tear). Transcendence works really well on sona due to the cdr itemization she builds into. Scorch is good for lane dominance, but gathering has a lot more value on sona. Biscuit delivery for the free 160 mana and great early sustain. Cosmic insight is best here imo. Sona is a LATE GAME support with early game damage. More cdr is more healing and qing.

For AP sona:

Kleptomancy is really easy to proc and has great gold value. For Ap sona to actually do things, she needs a lot of gold (unless you wanna cheese sheen and revolver lol) and thats what this page insures. Biscuit delivery for the sustain early especially since ap sona should get tear and adds max mana. Magical footwear for more value. Cosmic insight for the cdr. Celerity for the more ap on E especially when leveled. Gathering storm for the late game.

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Summon aery is again great on a heal support, not room for argument here. Ultimate hate because soraka doesn’t have mana issues really, she has HEALTH issues. More ults is better for the team overall and you’ll ult pretty often. Celerity because of her passive, absolute focus won’t be great since I doubt you’ll be full health much if you are healing often. Celerity will increase soraka’s heals on 40% health of less champs which works well with revitalize as well. It’s nice synergy. Gathering storm might alarm you, but I honestly believe the more ap she has late game, the way better the impact. Water walking is OK but I think gathering storm has more value. Font of life works for more health for your ally through q and e.


Ok, the first tree here is for the most part not arguable if you take glp, everything swain needs is in inspiration. Glacial augment is great here, swain aa’s will slow early allowing for easier w placements. If you didn’t know, swain gets GLP, the reason is again to land easy w’s and stay in range with ult. Now glp will put a really big slow field allowing you to stay in range more. Perfect timing is AMAZING on swain, its a free stasis early when you get ganked you could potentially outplay them with a fucking stopwatch lol. Magical footwear is great gold and swain doesn’t need boots early. Cosmic insight for overall more cdr on abilities and item active cdr. Ultimate Hat is taken here because swains ult cd is actually really long, and getting a free 15% cdr on it when swain doesn’t usually finish to 40% cdr is really nice. Absolute focus is great since swain’s lane dominant.

Note the second tree could be swapped for precisions coup de grace and triumph or resolves revitalize and iron skin/magic shell based on matchups.


Arcane comet is GREAT on DOT champs so swain is no exception, plus a ton of abilities come out from his birds. However summon aery could be better due to travel time, but I’m not sure yet. Ultimate hat is great as it allows swain to freely turn on and off his ulti more often. Absolute focus because swain is usually high health in lane. Scorch for better trades though gathering storm can be taken for late game and water walking for roaming. Presence of mind is actually crazy. If swain gets a takedown (kill/assist) his ult will cost zip which can be crazy in a team fight. Coup de grace for more kill pressure.


Arcane comet may not seem as good as electrocute, but syndra q’s a lot. Besides that the rest of domination is not very good for syndra. Ultimate hat however is great on her because she’s a push R champ. Absolute focus for dominant matchups, otherwise take either celerity for roaming especially for water walking or transcendence for more cdr. Water Walking for roaming. You can take gathering storm if you want late game damage against certain comps. Triumph is great for kill rewards and coup de grace is great for kill pressure. Note you could take presence of mind for all in poke after levels in lane. Depends on your playstyle.

Tahm Kench:

Top tahm: Grasp is great for free health and damage. Demolish for the split pushing pressure. Conditioning because tahm is VERY lane dominant and doesn’t require early stats. Overgrowth for more hp which means more damage. Magical footwear for free gold. Approach velocity is great here. Tahm will q the enemy and get increased ms to get the other aa’s off.

Support Tahm: Same deal except font of life instead of demolish unless your adc wants demolish, and iron skin instead of conditioning due to relic shield and pots.


Stormriders was really good on Taliyah , so phaserush is still good here. It’s easy to proc and allows you to land all your q’s. You can take arcane comet if that’s your preference. Manaflow band if you vs an ad champ, otherwise take nullifying orb. I don’t believe ultimate hat is worth it on Taliyah . Celerity for the extra ap when ghosting as well as more roam potential. Water walking for better roaming. Presence of mind is really good here, after leveling you can try for a all in with w e q without wasting mana. Its value is better than triumphs in this case. Coup De Grace for more kill pressure.


So, predator is great on talon and most ad midlaner. Talon however uses it really well since he can go from mid to bot in a manner of seconds with his e. Sudden Impact is great for lethality on q. Eyeball collection for the free ad. Relentless hunter for more roaming. Triumph for kill rewards. Coup De Grace for great kill pressure.


Aftershock is great on taric, not only does it increase his armor, but gives his adc some of that armor due to his w. Font of life for more healing for adc. Iron skin for more armor which is proc’d by q, relic shield and pots. Revitalize for better heals. Biscuit delivery for better early sustain allowing you to q more in lane. Magical footwear for free gold. You could swap biscuit delivery for something else.


Gunblade teemo: Glacial augment is great for lane bullying and allows teemo’s gunblade to slow the enemy really hard. Hexflash is great because when teemo is stealthed, he can channel this over a wall or into another bush or just to get farther out of the bush. Magical Footwear for the free gold. Approach velocity works with teemo aa due to glacial augment, allowing more chase. People usually run when they are blinded. Legend Alacrity for the free attack speed and coup de grace for the kill pressure.

On hit teemo:

Lethal tempo for better on hit damage, press the attack doesn’t compare here since teemo has really good innate on hit. Triumph for kill rewards, Legend: alacrity for more attack speed. Coup de grace for kill pressure. Absolute focus since teemo is lane dominant. Scorch for q damage since it won’t do much due no ap. You could take water walking for river fights.

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Dark Harvest is REALLY good on thresh, in fact he has similar aspects in his kit to synergize. Dark harvest combined with the ad and e charge damage makes a huge burst of damage on carries. Cheap shot for true damage through e aa. Zombie ward for ward control and ingenious hunter for item actives. Font of Life for healing for your adc. Iron Skin for the in lane armor.


Press the attack is probably best due to the nature of her kit, but again any keystone can be taken for specific matchups. Triumph is good for kill rewards, legend bloodline for the free lifesteal. Cut Down because adc. Coup De Grace is fine if vsing mostly squishies or you want to kill the enemy bot lane. Sudden impact for lethality on w and ghost poro to help your support with vision control, you can get red trinket instead of yellow and ghost poro the tri bush or river bush.


Tank: Grasp is great on trundle, no denying that. Demolish for the split push pressure. Iron skin procs off passive if enough minions die. Overgrowth for more health. Magical footwear for free gold and approach velocity for easy chases with pillar.


Lethal tempo for great duels. Press the attack isn’t as good here dueling wise, it would be better in team fights but it’s trundle. Triumph for kill rewards, Legend Alacrity for more attack speed, and coup de grace for more kill pressure. Magical footwear for the free gold and approach velocity for easy chasing. The second tree could be changed based on what you vs.


Fleet Footwork is great on trynd, the heal scales of .10 of bonus ad and trynd gets that for free. Also the ms lets him land more aa’s. Tryndamere’s usually have most success with warlords bloodlust anyway. Letha tempo is ok but the synergy isn’t really as there. Overheal is for more effective health which is easily gained through lifesteal of doran’s blade and q. Legend: alacrity for more attack speed, though lifesteal could be taken. Its sketchy for which is better to be honest. You Decide. Last stand was probably made for tryndamere lol, so we’re not arguing that. Sudden Impact for lethality on e and zombie ward for vision control while splitting. Second tree could be inspiration with approach velocity and magical boots depending on what you need.

Twisted Fate:

Predator is actually great on tf roam. If ult is on cd you could easily just pull out a gold card at a shit ton of ms. Cheap shot adds to gold cards damage. Ghost poro so you can ward both bushes effectively. Relentless hunter for better roam OR ingenious hunter for predator being up more. Ultimate Hat because push R champ (for ganking) and water walking for roaming and river fights. Second tree could be precision for coup de grace and triumph if that’s what you prefer.

More lane focused pages could be made but that really isn’t TF’s thing in most cases. In any case adapt to what you vs.


Lethal tempo is GREAT on twitch, the more ult aa’s he can get off as well as e stacks the better the dps. Triumph for kill rewards. Legend alacrity because twitch doesn’t really duel in teamfights, he obliterates squishies with ult aa’s from stealth. Cut Down for tanks, Coup De Grace for squishies. Sudden Impact for lethality. Ghost Poro to help your support with vision controll, you buy red trinket and put poro in tri or river bush.

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Udyr: (god this is gonna be weird)

So, lethal tempo works with both tiger and phoenix so I think its best. Triumph for kill rewards. Legend: Alacrity for more dps THOUGH tenacity could be taken in some games. Coup De Grace for more kill potential. Iron skin for better clear, and unflinching because smite.

I am not trick2g pls no flame


Press the attack works wonders on urgot, though it sucks we have to go into precision since urgot doesn’t care about attack speed too much. Still, it’s worth it and makes his teamfights great. Triumph for kill rewards. Legend: Tenacity for free tenacity. Coup De Grace for kill pressure. Demolish for splitting plus urgot builds a ton of health. Overgrowth for more health.


Adc varus: Lethal tempo is best here, more on hit damage due to w and more stacks. Triumph for kill rewards. Bloodline for free lifesteal. Cut Down for tanks, Coup De Grace if you want kill pressure. Taste of blood for better trades and ghost poro to help your support with vision control by putting a poro in river or tri bush.

Ap Varus:

So this is just my preference here but gunblade on varus is really strong. Glacial Augment makes this really nice as it allows for better trades and more adaptive stats. For example if you start dorans blade it will grant you ad, if you start doran’s ring it will give ap. Allows for customizability. Perfect timing for zhonya’s later and free gold. Magical footwear for free gold. Cosmic insight for more uptime on ult and gunblade. Ultimate hat is great for Press R champs which ap varus is. Absolute focus for better last hitting and damage in lane as varus is lane dominant against many mid lane matchups.


Lethal tempo is great, more true damage is always better than the latter. Triumph for kill rewards, Legend: Alacrity for more true damage via attack speed and coup de grace for kill pressure. Cut down is not necessary when you already decimate tanks. Sudden impact for q lethality and ghost poro for helping your support with vision by taking red trinket and putting the poro in tri or river bush.


Sure you might think arcane comet isn’t great here, and you aren’t wrong. However, sorcerys runes are WAY to good while dominations aren’t. Summon aery could also be taken for a little less dps but more secured than the skill shot of arcane comet. Arcane comet will still work well with veigar’s e and abilities. Ultimate hat is great on press R champs, however NULLIFYING ORB IS ESSENTIAL AGAINST AP ASSSASSINS. Absolute focus because more ap is better. Gathering storm for more ap. AP AP AP. Triumph for kill rewards though presence of mind isn’t bad either. Coup De Grace for kill pressure.

The second tree if not damage focused could go into inspiration for hexflash for better outplays/escapes and cosmic insight for cdr or magical boots for value.

Support veigar isn’t much different, except the second tree could be domination for vision control.

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Look familiar? (see above) well It’s still best here. Arcane comet for skill spam champs is nice and the ability power is nice too from the set bonus. Ultimate hat is great on press R champs. Absolute focus because vel shouldn’t be taking damage in lane against most matchups. Water walking for roaming. Presence of mind for spamming abilities after leveling, kinda like tayliah. Coup De Grace for kill pressure.


Electrocute is easy to proc, and is good damage. You could replace it will predator, but in vi’s case I’m not quite sure yet. Sudden impact for lethality on q and ult (i think it works on ult) and eyeball collection for more ad. Ravenous hunter for healing from q w e r. Iron skin for jungle clear and unflinching because of smite.


Phase rush is good here, after e q aa, allowing for better positioning and easier ult movement. Manaflow band helps viktors early mana problems. Celerity for roaming especially with water walking, you could take absolute focus for easy matchups. Triumph for kill rewards and coup de grace for kill pressure.


Electrocute is a easy proc and does a lot of damage. Taste of blood for more sustain off q. Eyeball collection for more ap. Ravenous hunter for better healing off abilities. Overgrowth for more hp which means more ap. Iron skin OR magic shell based on who you vs for resistance. Second tree could be swapped for other ones.


Aftershock works off q and allows you to continue to dps without taking much damage and deal a ton of damage. Great for initiations. Demolish for split push pressure. Conditioning due to only heals off passive. Revitalize FOR passive, which makes low hp baits very easy. Legend Tenacity for more tenacity and coup de grace for better kill pressure especially on w.


Lethal tempo is great on ww. More healing off aa and more dps. Overheal is great too especially when heading to early dragons. Legend Alacrity for more attack speed though tenacity isn’t bad either. Last stand for better turns which warwick is great at doing early and mid game. Unflinching because smite, and revitalize for better heals.


Electrocute is REALLY easy to proc so its great just like thunderlords was. Predator could be taken for better w ground covered but meh(if you do take ingenious hutner). Sudden Impact for lethality through e. Eyeball collection for more ad. Ravenous hunter for healing on q e r especially with the damage you’re doing. Triumph for the kill rewards and coup de grace for the kill pressure.


Like any adc, the keystone can be taken depending on what you want, lethal tempo increases xayahs w on hit damage so I believe it to be best. Triumph for kill rewards, legend bloodline for free lifesteal and cut down for tanks, coup de grace if you want kill pressure. Taste of blood for better trades and ghost poro to help your support maintain vision by buying red trinket and putting the poro in the tri or river bush.

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Ability spamming champ? Arcane comet is a no brainer here. Manaflow band works great with xerath passive. Absolute focus is great on artillery mages. Scorch for more lane dominances. If you want gathering storm for late game that’s fine. Presence of mind for ability spam on level ups. Coup De grace for kill pressure.

Xin Zhao:

Lethal tempo due to passive and overall dps. Press the attack could be better for tankier builds. Overheal due to passive, triumph is good too for teamfighting so it depends on what you prefer. Legend alacrity for more attack speed. Coup de grace for more dps. Iron skin for jungle clear and unflinching due to smite.


Lethal tempo is obvious here, lowers q cd and makes his dps outstanding compared to other keystones. Triumph for kill rewards. Legend: Alacrity for more attack speed. Coup de grace for more kill potential. Sudden Impact for the lethality on e and ravenous hunter because it works on damaging abilities for really good healing.


Dark harvest is great on some splitpushing champions and yorick is no exception. Taste of blood for better q trades and zombie ward for vision control while split pushing. Ravenous Hunter for healing from abilities. Approach velocity for e chase and magical foot wear for free gold.

You can take grasp for some matchups where you need to be tankier. In that case take demolish, conditioning since yorick has good enough stats early, and the %hp one. 2nd tree could be anything you need for the matchup, for example damage would be precisions triumph and coup de grace.


Aftershock is best here for obvious reasons. Unflinching because smite.Conditioning is best because his heals are good enough that he doesn’t need it. Revitalize for more blob healing. Celestial body doesn’t hurt clear much and it’s 100 health so it’s really good. Magical footwear for free gold.

Feel free to spec into other secondary trees like sorcery for ultimate hat. Depends on the person.


Predator is great on ad midlaners to make roaming VERY fast. Electrocute for LANE KILLS. Sudden impact for lethality on w. Eyeball collection for more ad. Ingenious hunter for the reduced cd on predator. Ravenous hunter probably isn’t worth in comparison. Triumph for kill rewards and coup de grace for kill pressure.


Same thing as xerath. Arcane comet is great on artillery mages. Manaflow band for more sustain. Absolute focus because you don’t take damage in lane much. Scorch for lane pressure. Gathering storm if you want late game. Presence of mind to spam abilities after leveling. Coup De Grace for kill pressure.


Summon Aery is best for support zilean. Zilean E basically becomes karma’s e except far more ms with levels and a little less shield. Ultimate hat is great on push R champs. Absolute focus because zilean trades are just throwing bombs, so he shouldn’t take damage. Scorch for lane pressure. Biscuit delivery for the early sustain and magical footwear for free gold.

Side note, biscuit can be replace by perfect timing in mid lane. Also on mid zilean I think arcane comet would be best for more dps, unless you want to give your jungler shields but eh, you decide.


Electrocute is really the only decent one here and it works well enough. Cheap shot due to e. Zombie ward for vision control. Scorch for lane pressure and absolute focus more damage due to zyras early lane dominance. Ultimate hat could be taken for better mid late game.

We hope that you’ve found this guide useful! enjoy your new builds and go kick some ass! Make sure to share it with your friends!

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