Mortal Kombat Characters Are Real!

Did you ever wonder why the old Mortal Kombat games looked so good?

In case you didn’t know, the original old Mortal Kombat games contained graphics that were made by capturing actual actors movements. Their faces and bodies are completely real – these are not drawn characters!

Check this amazing video out:

Right in the childhood!

Mortal Kombat was, and still is, one of our favorite games in the world. We were just kids when we played the first one and it totally blew our minds. MK is one of the main reasons we are gamers today.

The real characters thing was happening for several games.  Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3, 3 Ultimate and MK Trilogy are all REAL CHARACTERS!
Watching that YouTube video will totally sweep you with nostalgia and awe. Such an amazing and talented team that made it.

^These are real people ^

Our Editor’s Story: “Mortal Kombat Trilogy – My Biggest Childhood Crush”

While the first Mortal Kombat was awesome, and Mortal Kombat 2 was incredible (even had a collectible cards set with a catalog you had to fill which I loved as a kid), Mortal Kombat 3 was the one who really brought it. It had lots of finishing moves including the new Animality, a combo system and an awesome look and feel. But it was lacking a lot of characters, and that is when they did it. Mortal Kombat Trilogy came out and summed up the whole glory days of the series in one amazing masterpiece.

It had all of the characters from all the games in one glorious title, including hidden ones from MK1 & 2. That game… I spent a couple of years on it. I discovered most finishing moves by myself and even knew how to perform brutalities (which is an insane combo of a very long keys combination in a very specific order).

If I have good reflexes and gaming abilities – this is the reason why!
Mortal Kombat Trilogy is my favorite MK ever, and I still play it from time to time. It is the most characters and features packed game of them all. The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience.

Hours spent on watching these videos

After watching this videos I couldn’t stop, and kept watching all of the suggested videos after it. I saw the making of all the first games and with every new actor I saw I was baffled by how amazing it was. Finding out your childhood heroes are real people, actors, performing these moves and put into a game… man. What a trip!

Here are some more of these videos in case you are mind blown as we were:

There are a lot more videos!

Feel free to check them out on YouTube by searching “Mortal Kombat behind the scenes” or “The making of Mortal Kombat”. This is literally hours of fun and awe, if you’re a huge Mortal Kombat fans as we are.
We also found out about a very cool fans website, it is a bit outdated but you can find a ton of interesting stuff there:

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We hope you got as excited about this as we have! Enjoy our Awesome Haven and keep on gaming!

The Awesome Haven Team.

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