Borderlands 3 Psycho Canvas Poster

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Borderlands 3 is here! Oh yeahhhh! Let’s get this blessed psycho up on the wall!

Small: 10x15cmx2,10x20cmx1,10x25x2 (4x6inx2, 4x8inx2, 4x10inx1)
Medium: 20x35cmx2,20x45cmx2,20x55cmx1 (8x14inx2,8x18inx2,8x22inx1)
Big: 30x40cmx2,30x60cmx2,30x80cmx1 (12x16inx2,12x14inx2,12x32inx1)
Epic: 40x60cmx2,40x80cmx2,40x100cmx1 (16x24inx2,16x32inx2,16x40inx1)


May also be available in golden or blue sky background instead of red. Email us if you’d like a different color variation.